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Our vision is to embrace, embody, and distribute the tangible power and love of God that ultimately leads people into a place of spiritual freedom and true identity.


Our mission is to teach, train, and minister in a way that equips individuals with tools and principles that will help strengthen their spiritual life as well as overcome certain obstacles that have kept them from moving forward in achieving alignment in their God given calling and purpose.


Our purpose is to love. We are here to help people grow closer to God by dismantling the hooks and strongholds of the enemy in their lives. Our services are designed to bring people into a place of healing, deliverance, and ultimately salvation.

Below is a short video that will give you some more information about Rebuilt Ruins Ministries.

To learn more about our fundemental beliefs, core values, and senor leadership, please check out the sections below.


Click the beliefs button below to see our statement of beliefs.


Click the values button below to see our core values.


Click the leadership button below to read more about our Senor Pastor.

We Are Ministers of Love

The heart of Rebuilt Ruins Ministries is to bring the love of the Father to people in a very real and tangible way. Be it through outreach, prayer, healing, deliverance, etc. everyone involved with this ministry has personally felt His love and wants to pour that love back out and into anybody and everybody who is ready to receive it.

Here are some examples of what Rebuilt Ruins Ministries actually does:

  • Prays for thousands of people a year (in person, online, phone, email, video & voice chat)

  • Guest speaking and preaching at local churches

  • Mentoring, discipiling, and coaching

  • Global online outreach that reaches over 12 million people a year

  • Homeless outreach / prayer including in-person donations of food / clothing

  • Mexico outreach with short term missionary teams across the border to minister

  • Partnering with local churches to minister weekly on prayer teams and worship services

  • Individual deliverance and inner-healing ministry appointments

  • Ministering at conferences and special events

  • Ministering to people coming out of addiction

  • House anointing and cleansing

  • Water baptisms at the beach or in swimming pools

  • Financially contributing ministry funds to other non-profits that include orphanages, maternity homes, humanitarian relief in El Salvador, Africa, and other ministries that share our core values

  • Promoting human rights by raising awareness for racial and gender equality

  • Hosting community, beach, and park clean up days 

Our Stance on:

Below is more information on what we believe in regards to Prayer, Healing, The Prophetic, and Deliverance. Please feel free to click each button below to be taken to a more indepth look at our thoughts on these very important topics.


Our prayer culture is very strong at Rebuilt Ruins Ministries. We believe there is power in our words and God will move and be glorified through our prayers.

We come in agreement with His word through scripture and declare His will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We want to pray for you!! Click the button below and check out our page dedicated to prayer!

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Healing is a massive part of our ministry! We are very passionate about this topic and we believe that God is pretty passionate about it too!

From physical healing, to inner healing/sozo, we have been pressing in for years and have seen thousands of people across the board receive healing.

We highly recommend clicking the button below and spending some time on our healing page!


We have dedicated this space to addressing certain elements of the prophetic including words of knowledge, prophesy, & dream Interpretation.

We love to practice hearing from God and encourage you to press in to hear from Him too!

You can check out more of our take on the prophetic by clicking the button below.


We can be a resource for those looking for freedom from demonic oppression. We fully believe and stand on our Christ given authority through the powerful name of Jesus. Here at Rebuilt Ruins Ministries we have a unique way of administering deliverance.

If you would like to see more of our thoughts on this subject or if you feel like you need deliverance ministry, please click the button below.

We Love to Baptize People!

Check out the below video of one of our beach baptisms! If you are interested in getting baptized, please reach out to us via the contact us button on our home page.

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