Deliverance Prayer

We can be a resource for those looking for freedom from demonic oppression. We fully believe and stand on our Christ given authority through the powerful name of Jesus. Here at Rebuilt Ruins Ministries we have a unique way of

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ministering deliverance. We are well versed in curse breaking, dismantling demonic strongholds, and ultimately casting out demons. Our focus is to usher in the peace and presence of the Holy Spirit, remove legal rights of the demonic, and ultimately help set those who have been held captive or prisoner free.

We believe that humans are 3 part beings composed of 3 distinct areas. Body, Soul, and Spirit. We believe that Satan specifically targets Christians and that Christians can be demonized in various degrees in both their soul and or their flesh. We do not believe that a Christian can be demonized in their spirit, because once they confessed with their lips and believed in their heart that Jesus is their Savior, their spirit then ascends high above all warfare and is seated and sealed with Christ in heavenly places.  

If you are suffering from demonic oppression and would like to talk further about setting up an appointment with us, please click the deliverance questionnaire button below and fill it out to the best of your ability to initiate a free consultation.

Deliverance Resources

If you are looking for some reading material on this subject check out our Top 5 List of reccomended Deliverance books here:

Disclaimer WE TYPICALLY DO NOT cast demons out of people who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We appreciate every person and referral that comes in, and we will absolutely make attempt to lead a person to Christ during our consultation process, but that decision is ultimately up to the individual. 

We may require those seeking deliverance ministry to sign a waiver prior to ministry, and we also reserve the right to decline engaging in any type of ministry with any individual at our discretion. In some cases we may refer applicants to other ministries if we are unable to service them. Our heart is to see people set free, but not everybody who comes to us thinking they have a demon are ready to be set free, and in some cases we may feel that it is not an actual demon that they are struggling with. 

We are not licensed therapists or mental/medical practitioners. If you are currently under the care of one, please let us know at the end of the deliverance questionnaire. 

Though we see a very high success rate of bringing people into spiritual freedom, we do not make any claims or guarantees that your complete freedom will come from one session. Often times it can take multiple sessions depending on the individual and the circumstance at hand.