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Our Stance on Deliverance:

We can be a resource for those looking for freedom from demonic oppression. We fully believe in and stand on our Christ given authority through the powerful name of Jesus. Here at Rebuilt Ruins Ministries we are well versed in generational curse breaking, dismantling soul-ties, tearing down strongholds, getting spiritual torment and oppression to stop, and ultimately the casting out of demons (exorcisim). This is not deliverance lite...

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Though we do occaisionally use inner healing techniques, this is NOT your typical "SOZO" type inner healing ministry session, it is also not a counseling session where we spend a lot of in depth time going over the issues that have happened to you in your past. We are all for you getting inner healing and seeing a Christian counselor, but please know that our sessions are designed to get demons out of people, and the time we have with you is allocated for doing that.

We understand that deliverance is a controversial subject and most churches out there either run from it or do a "lite" version of it which usually does not include direct confrontation and interrogation of the demonic, dismantling the demons legal rights, indepth generational curse breaking, and ultimately casting demons out by name.

Many who come to us have been through deliverance lite sessions elsewhere and were told they no longer have demons, yet they are still oppressed and tormented. Please know that we are not here to down talk the previous sessions you have had. We take a strong stance that if God was in whatever ministry you have recieved prior to our session that in our session we will build off of what He has already done and do what He has equipped us to do in the name of Jesus to help bring forth more. We are not here to cause division with your church, pastors, or spiritual leadership. We are here to get demons out of people who are ready and willing to do what it takes to get set free.

If you are suffering from demonic oppression and would like to talk further about setting up a session with us, or if you would like to learn more about our actual deliverance process please click the button below. 

Additional Deliverance Resources

If you are looking for some reading material on this subject check out our Top 5 List of reccomended Deliverance books here:

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