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We take healing pretty seriously at Rebuilt Ruins Ministries. We have seen Jesus heal many people physically, spiritually, and emotionally through our prayers and laying on of hands over the years, and we know that He is not a respecter of persons.

We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are not only alive today, but thriving within those who say yes to His call. We press into God's heart through His word and go after the anointing that holds the power to bring heaven to earth and accomplish the will of our King.

We don't know why some people get healed and others don't, but we do know that we serve an amazing, loving,

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and sovereign God.

Physical Healing

We have been blessed to see 1000's of people physically healed of all sorts of ailments. Some of the amazing things God has done through us include: sight being restored to blind eyes, hearing being restored to deaf ears, cancer completely leaving, headaches and migraines going on the spot, all sorts of pain miraculously leaving the body out of backs, hips, necks, arms, legs, hands, feet, sides, etc. We've seen tumors dissolve on the spot, skin form over open wounds, people in wheelchairs and crutches walk without assistance, legs and arms grow out, arches be restored on feet, tooth pain leave, and even wombs open in women who were unable to get pregnant as they have testified back that they became pregnant after the Lord healed them through us.


I mention all of these testimonies and amazing works of God to give Him glory and honor because without Him, none of this could happen. There is power in the testimony and if you need healing in your body, we know that beyond the shadow of a doubt that God wants you to be healed too. We can't control when or how that healing manifests, or even if it will, but the lack of a miracle does not define the nature, power, or will of the Father. We keep contending for that physical healing through prayer until it comes or until we hear Him release us to stop. 

If you would like to watch a brief healing teaching on our YouTube Channel click here:


Emotional Healing

God cares about our emotions just as much as He cares about our bodies. There is something so incredibly special about watching the love of the Father pour into somebody and bring healing to an emotional wound. At Rebuilt Ruins Ministries we are well versed in SOZO and other types of inner healing ministry techniques. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy, but we serve a God who brings abundant life! His breath breathes life into dry bones and restores what the enemy has intended for bad into good.

We have witnessed many people with deep traumatic emotional wounds healed. Sometimes it takes a couple sessions, but we are confident that the heart of the Father can and will bring peace to people who are ready to be healed emotionally. We understand that emotional healing is a very sensitive subject for some and do not force anything upon anyone. The people who we minister to in this area may be required to fill out a form of consent prior to our teams ministering to them.


Spiritual Healing

We've seen both physical healing and emotional healing manifest as a result of spiritual healing. Jesus came to release prisoners and set captives free. It is under His authority that we operate under. We believe that there is freedom in the presence of the Lord, so a huge part of our spiritual healing ministry is done by ushering in God's presence and standing on God's word which we believe is one of the most powerful weapons there is against the enemy. 

Spiritual oppression, demonic torment, generational curses, witchcraft, etc are all areas where we have seen people receive massive amounts of healing and freedom. We don't believe there is a demon hiding behind every bush, but when we bump into them, we do our best to dismantle their strongholds and send them packing in Jesus name. This is another sensitive area so we may require those seeking this type of ministry to fill out a form of consent prior to receiving ministry from one of our teams.

If you are looking for some reading material on this subject check out our Top 5 List of reccomended Deliverance books here:

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