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Statement of Values

Here are our core values that shape the culture of Rebuilt Ruins Ministries. This is how we follow Christ and the heart in which we believe He entrusted His disciples to use to form His church.

Love: Simply put, we aim to love God and love people. We believe the underlying narrative between God and man is rooted in love without bias or prejudice and we in turn are vessels to distribute this love everywhere we go. 


Honor: First and foremost, we honor God. He is worthy of all honor and praise. Every testimony that comes out of this ministry, every salvation gained, soul freed and heart drawn closer to Him is all for His glory. We also believe in honoring people. We are very aware that those who come to us for ministry have unique and diverse backgrounds and belief systems. We take a strong stance on not descriminating against any person based on their Race, Gender, Sexual Preference, Religious or Political Affiliation. We recognize and affirm that everyone is on their own journey, and that no matter what part of that journey they are on, they are not outside of Gods heart or will to see them walk in the fullness of His love and blessing. We will not force our beliefs or values on anyone, nor will we compromise or devalue our beliefs or values for anyone. 

Honesty: We will speak the truth as we have come to know it in love. Our truth is rooted in the infallibile inerrant word of God, not the opinions or emotions of humanity. 

Humility: Our heart is to serve faithfully with boldness yet also be humble enough to receive and not be beyond reproach or correction. 

Integrity: It costs zero dollars to be a decent human being. Online and in person we purpose to minister with the utmost integrity, creating and facilitating a safe, loving and honoring environment for people of all races, ages, sexes, religions, etc. 

Identity: Our identity is in Jesus. We believe that as believers we are who God says we are in His word. 

Power: We do not believe in a weak or powerless gospel. We believe that every knee (WITHOUT EXCEPTION or COMPROMISE) will bow to the name of Jesus, and it is in His mighty name and finished work on the cross that we have built our foundation upon. We minister and walk in His power as beloved sons and daughters under His headship.

Joy: We believe the joy of the Lord is the source of our strength, so we do not entertain external stimuli that would try to influence us to participate in ministry with a heart full of anything other than the fruits of His Spirit which includes a heavy emphasis on joy. Guilt, shame, condemnation, fear, deception, racisim, sexism, or anything else not represented within the fruits of His Spirit (listed in Galatians chapter 5) has no place here within this ministry. 

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