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Here are some amazing testimonies of what God is doing through Rebuilt Ruins Ministries!

These testimonies are from real people who submitted our after session feedback form. 

Initiials may have been changed to help protect privacy.

I went to Matt and his team for deliverance after being spiritually attacked during my prayer time continual hadaches and pains in my body for several weeks. I knew this was all demonic attack.

I appreciated Matt's thoroughness in going through specific curse breaking and renouncing generational agreements. I had deliverances prior and I myself am trained in deliverance ministry so was very pleased (and learned new things!) by Holy Spirit's leading through Matt.

The end result of my deliverance was amazing! Generational demons and even from husband's side of the family were exposed and evicted, praise the Lord! I felt much lighter and free and am thankful for the dedication and persistence of Matt and the team.
                                                              - HG

I haved been saved for many years and kept going thru deliverance service after deliverance service wondering why did I keep manifesting when I wasnt in sin. I was doing all that I could but it wasnt until I went to a deliverance session at Rebuilt Ruins Ministies that I was able to get to the root of these demons that were laying dormant in my life and hindering me from moving forward.

I would always only have a few weeks of freedom before I would feel stuck in bondage all over again.  I couldnt believe all that was holding me back from my past generations.   Im so grateful to know that this ministry has helped so many others.  I am a perfect example of living a sanctified life sold out for Jesus but needing to get to the root of the issues. Praise God I am free!
                                                              - CV

Wow, this was amazing. I want to encourage you to take this step, you will be blessed.

They were so kind and caring, I was able to be open and vulnerable. I felt they ministered to me with love. There was trauma from forty years ago that was healed by Jesus. And there was a person in my lineage that went back to the 700’s, and he was also set free to go and be with Jesus.

Also, the curse breaking and renunciation is so thorough. I just feel like the heart of this ministry is so focused on caring for the whole person, the spirit soul and body, and it comes through at every detail while they are ministering to you. 

I’m so thankful I took this step and the freedom that I now walk in. Thank you so much, RRM!

Image by Toa Heftiba
Matt is patient and very discerning through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. He truly goes after roots of specific generational curses. I had great breakthroughs in areas where my prophetic gift was being hindered and I’m very grateful for him and his team. They demonstrate the Fathers heart and that’s hard to find sometimes in the body of Christ. Bless you guys! Thank you for all you do!

My first experience with deliverance with Rebuilt Ruins, Matt and his team were amazing! I went in there definitely a little anxious and not knowing what to expect but as soon as I walked in I felt peace. The Holy Spirit moved through the whole session. I've had 3 sessions, and each session just flew by and didn’t feel forced it just flowed with the Holy Spirit.

I felt freedom after and authority to stand on the victory that was won through Jesus Christ. I also received beautiful words after by the team of encouragement and prophetic words spoken over my life to encourage and build me up. I would recommend deliverance through Rebuilt Ruins anytime. Great over experience and you will receive breakthrough in Jesus name!!!

I’ve been digging into much needed inner healing for the last 8 years. I became tired of being stuck in the cycle of rejection. I had hands laid on me in prayer, deeper healing with a restorative prayer session, taken classes and done book work on healing, grief and forgiveness with Jesus by my side.

All of this brought tremendous healing but something within me still felt stuck. It wasn’t until I went in for a deliverance session with Rebuilt Ruins Ministries that I truly felt the deep healing and pain lift, giving me freedom like I had never known before. With the Holy Spirit leading my deliverance team, all fear of what may come up left…I know God is gentle and would never take me to a place He wasn’t with me or I wasn’t yet ready to face. I would absolutely recommend this. We all need healing!


This was one of the greatest things I have ever done! The session was handled in a gentle way. The Deliverance team moves strategically to uncover every hidden spirit. I was set free from demons that have been oppressing my life and my ministry. Some of the stuff that came out was shocking, because I had no idea it was there. But I am grateful for the wisdom that Pastor Matt and his team operate in. They are stealth fighters that know how to deal with demonic oppression in a way that I’ve never seen. I am recommending this ministry to my family, friends, and our entire ministry team. Thank you Pastor Matt, and your team for setting me free! As I was walking out of the church, I could hear the spirit of the lord, saying to me,  “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!”

Image by Toa Heftiba
Since going to see Matt I have experienced so much more freedom and joy. Breaking off all the generational curses was huge in that he dealt with my family line and my spouse's family line, as well. I have a new joy and freedom and tell everyone I know to go in and get a tune up, oil change and a new filter by the healing power of the Holy Spirit through the ministry of Rebuilt Ruins. You will never be the same!!! It is AMAZING!!!
- TA
I had deliverance with Pastor Matt and his deliverance team.  Something's I thought it was long gone but it was still there.  But with what he did, me praying to Jesus.  I got freed.  I am freed.  The past can still haunt your present until you surrender it to Christ.  Which I had to do.  Now it feels good cause I am free in Jesus name!
This was my second deliverance with Matt and his team. We got some deep generational curses broken that went way back to specific forms of aztec witchcraft and child sacrifice.  15 minutes after my deliverance there was breakthroughs in relationships the enemy had been trying to destroy! Super thankful for what God is doing through Matt and how detailed he is to get to the root of generational curses!                                                                                           -MP

Everyone needs a good house cleaning once in awhile... I am surprised after so many years in the church and in service that I could be tormented by so many things hiding just under the surface... Thanks to Matt and his team I feel cleaner than ever before and more empowered to stay that way

Image by Toa Heftiba
I am beyond thankful for Matt and his team. I felt safe and cared for through the entire process. Matt truly has the love of Jesus flowing in and through him. His team is extraordinary and very attentive in prayer/intercession creating a very peaceful space knowing Jesus is with you and for you. Bless you all and may the Lord continue to increase your faith and love for Him and others. I appreciate your heart to see people set free and fighting the good fight of faith for Jesus. Much love!
- BL
I’ve been a Christian for most of my life the past 15 years, I walked very closely. I graduated from global awakening, but I knew there are areas in my life that I still was not free. My father grandfather on both sides were freemasons, and my grandmother was an eastern star. I knew they were strongholds in my life, but I didn’t know the depth. After Matt and his team did a deliverance session. My body feels lighter. My brain feels totally clear and I feel like something literally came out of my body. They are very thorough and extremely compassionate. If you feel in your heart that there’s something in your life that’s holding you back from everything God has for you I highly suggest that you book a session.
Wowww!!! Powerful! I just got out of my session a bit ago, & I'm blown away by the freedom I experienced in this one session! I have had people pray for me before but this was different in that if you have something tormenting you, afflicting you, causing you conflict in your life, this is a great way to deal with it . I did not know that I carried so much weight, I've gone to church, prayed, worshipped & was stunned when I had stuff cast out me, from even generations past! Matt & his team allowed Me freedom to feel very comfortable and safe in obtaining my freedom. I'm truly grateful for Matt and the ministry God has called him to, to set the captives free! Please do not be afraid to take the steps to reach out to Matt to have a session, it will truly set you Free!

Had an awesome and very liberating deliverance session with Matt and his team. They are wonderful true Christians who love serving the LORD and helping others to get free from demonic oppression.

They are also very thorough in deliverance process and make sure that no "hidden area" is left untouched, even if it takes hours! "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" - James 4:7.

With Matt and his wonderful deliverance team you will be in safe and caring hands that will make all the devils tremble and run away into the pit where they belong!

Image by Toa Heftiba
I am blown away by my entire experience with Rebuilt Ruins Ministries, from start to finish! God showed up big time and moved in powerful ways! Matt is incredibly gifted. He's knowledgeable, experienced, wise, grounded, gentle and kind, confident and bold, honors and loves Jesus passionately, so very grounded and sound and carries the big, loving heart of the Father.
I showed up for my session apprehensive and somewhat fearful yet anticipating God to work. And, I left my session feeling lighter, at peace, hopeful, confident, so loved by the Lord, and very much freer and healed. Thank you Jesus and thank you Matt. If you get the opportunity to by blessed by Matt, please know you are in good hands and get ready to watch and experience God move in big, beautiful ways!                                                                                            -AJ
After that deliverance, I felt so free. I was so much in bondage, and I could not see my way out. There was things that I didn’t even know was attached to my spirit man. I thank you Matt and the team for taking the time out to help me to be free in Christ.
My experience:
Spirit led thorough examination of somebodies condition regarding demonic influence in body and soul; with all the love, authority and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ, leading to complete freedom of the person.
I want to thank Matt and his team for helping me with a very bad demon in me. They never gave up on me and they were able to free me of this awful thing. I felt the Holy Spirit enter me and rid me of this demon. God bless Matt and his team and Rebuilt Ruins for everything they do for the community 🙏
- MR
Image by Toa Heftiba
Pastor Matt & the team are blessed & gifted to help people get freed from all sorts of bondage & demonic afflictions & torment. This is the real deal!!! God is Love & Jesus is Truth & the Holy Spirit is Perfect!!!! I was heavily afflicted for over 10 years from audible evil to in the body & out of body evil torment... I believe that everyone should go through a session with Pastor Matt & team. They are loving, caring & extremely effective in helping a person under any evil source through the Father the Son & the Holy Spirit. Thank you
I had a small amount of anxiety before the session but it was quickly replaced with the kindness of the team. They were genuine and Matt explained everything and was reassuring. I see now how the enemy was hidden and strategic in undermining God's plan for my life.  The pain in my hands for 9 years since a specific event was a tip off that Satan was involved. I had thought ministry would focus on certain things but I was surprised at what God uncovered through Matt. He is a truly anointed minister of Jesus Christ.
                                                                                - MG
Very safe and caring environment as deep-rooted issues were identified by the Holy Spirit and dealt with.                                                                                                                                               -DH
My experience was wonderful I have to say, it brought much needed healing and a deeper level of forgiveness. Whether you are heavily demonically oppressed, or not, I highly recommend going through this Deliverance and being set more free, I am so glad that I did this and look forward to a future session down the road. Matt is the best, caring and compassionate. Be blessed!
I have had 4 sessions with Matt Grossman and his teams and each time I go the Holy Spirit leads the team into ushering more freedom for me I like to think of my soul as an onion that the lord peels back one layer at a time. Each time God reveals more and more so I can walk in my true destiny with confidence and identity  in the lord.
I recommend doing multiple sessions because each time God reveals more he wants to heal. Praise the lord for freedom and victory in Jesus name!                                                                                                                                                                -VT
Image by Toa Heftiba
I had deliverance with Pastor Matt and his deliverance team.  Something's I thought it was long gone but it was still there.  But with what he did, me praying to Jesus.  I got freed.  I am freed.  The past can still haunt your present until you surrender it to Christ.  Which I had to do.  Now it feels good cause I am free in Jesus name!
- IM
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