After every deliverance session, I personally send our client's a link with some recommended aftercare tips. They are also given an opportunity to sow into the ministry as well as an invitation to fill out a feedback form. Below are some testimonies that have voluntarily come through on our feedback form.

I went to Matt and his team for deliverance after being spiritually attacked during my prayer time continually had aches and pains in my body for several weeks. I knew this was all demonic attack.

I appreciated Matt's thoroughness in going through specific curse breaking and renouncing generational agreements. I had deliverances prior and I myself am trained in deliverance ministry so was very pleased (and learned new things!) by Holy Spirit's leading through Matt.

The end result of my deliverance was amazing! Generational demons and even from husband's side of the family were exposed and evicted, praise the Lord! I felt much lighter and free and am thankful for the dedication and persistence of Matt and the team.
- HG
I am beyond thankful for Matt and his team. I felt safe and cared for through the entire process. Matt truly has the love of Jesus flowing in and through him. His team is extraordinary and very attentive in prayer/intercession creating a very peaceful space knowing Jesus is with you and for you. Bless you all and may the Lord continue to increase your faith and love for Him and others. I appreciate your heart to see people set free and fighting the good fight of faith for Jesus. Much love!
- BL
Had an awesome and very liberating deliverance session with Matt and his team. They are wonderful true Christians who love serving the LORD and helping others to get free from demonic oppression. They are also very thorough in deliverance process and make sure that no "hidden area" is left untouched, even if it takes hours! "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" - James 4:7. With Matt and his wonderful deliverance team you will be in safe and caring hands that will make all the devils tremble and run away into the pit where they belong!
- MG
Matt is patient and very discerning through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. He truly goes after roots of specific generational curses. I had great breakthroughs in areas where my prophetic gift was being hindered and I’m very grateful for him and his team. They demonstrate the Fathers heart and that’s hard to find sometimes in the body of Christ. Bless you guys! Thank you for all you do!
Wow, this was amazing. I want encourage you in taking this step, you will be blessed.
They were so kind and caring, I was able to be open and vulnerable. I felt they ministered to me with love. There was trauma from forty years ago that was healed by Jesus. And there was a person in my lineage that went back to the 700’s, and he was also set free to go and be with Jesus.

Also, the curse breaking and renunciation is so thorough. I just feel like the heart of this ministry is so focused on caring for the whole person, the spirit soul and body, and it comes through at every detail while they are ministering to you. 

I’m so thankful I took this step and the freedom that I now walk in. Thank you so much, RRM!
- JK
I had deliverance with Pastor Matt and his deliverance team.  Something's I thought it was long gone but it was still there.  But with what he did, me praying to Jesus.  I got freed.  I am freed.  The past can still haunt your present until you surrender it to Christ.  Which I had to do.  Now it feels good cause I am free in Jesus name!
- IM
After that deliverance, I felt so free. I was so much in bondage, and I could not see my way out. There was things that I didn’t even know was attached to my spirit man. I thank you Matt and the team for taking the time out to help me to be free in Christ.
- NN
My first experience with deliverance with Rebuilt Ruins, Matt and his team were amazing! I went in there definitely a little anxious and not knowing what to expect but as soon as I walked in I felt peace. The Holy Spirit moved through the whole session. I've had 3 sessions, and each session just flew by and didn’t feel forced it just flowed with the Holy Spirit.
I felt freedom after and authority to stand on the victory that was won through Jesus Christ. I also received beautiful words after by the team of encouragement and prophetic words spoken over my life to encourage and build me up. I would recommend deliverance through Rebuilt Ruins anytime. Great over experience and you will receive breakthrough in Jesus name!!!
I’ve been digging into much needed inner healing for the last 8 years. I became tired of being stuck in the cycle of rejection. I had hands laid on me in prayer, deeper healing with a restorative prayer session, taken classes and done book work on healing, grief and forgiveness with Jesus by my side.
All of this brought tremendous healing but something within me still felt stuck. It wasn’t until I went in for a deliverance session with Rebuilt Ruins Ministries that I truly felt the deep healing and pain lift, giving me freedom like I had never known before. With the Holy Spirit leading my deliverance team, all fear of what may come up left…I know God is gentle and would never take me to a place He wasn’t with me or I wasn’t yet ready to face. I would absolutely recommend this. We all need healing!
My experience was wonderful I have to say, it brought much needed healing and a deeper level of forgiveness. Whether you are heavily genomically oppressed, or not, I highly recommend going through this Deliverance and being sat more free, I am so glad that I did this and look forward to a future session down the road. That is the best, caring and compassionate. So be blessed
- MK
I haved been saved for many years and kept going thru deliverance service after deliverance service wondering why did I keep manifesting when I wasnt in sin. I was doing all that I could but it wasnt until I went to a deliverance session at Rebuilt Ruins Ministies that I was able to get to the root of these demons that were laying dormant in my life and hindering me from moving forward.
I would always only have a few weeks of freedom before I would feel stuck in bondage all over again.  I couldnt believe all that was holding me back from my past generations.   Im so grateful to know that this ministry has helped so many others.  I am a perfect example of living a sanctified life sold out for Jesus but needing to get to the root of the issues. Praise God I am free!
- CV